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Areas of clinical interest include, but are not limited to: clients experiencing anxiety, depression, identity development issues, sexual orientation exploration, relationship challenges, life transitions, self-esteem difficulties, anger management, and behavioral problems; at-risk youth, oppositional-defiant adolescents; and those who have experienced trauma.

Individual Therapy across the Lifespan

Dr. McCloy provides individual therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults facing a wide range of clinical presentations, situational challenges, and backgrounds. She is committed to helping her clients live more fulfilling lives by collaborating with them to reach their goals.


Dr. McCloy is a certified trauma specialist and she

offers services related to the effects of trauma for adults as well as children and adolescents.

Dr. McCloy also provides play therapy, creative arts therapy, and narrative therapy.

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Family Therapy & Parenting Support

Dr. McCloy provides family therapy and parenting work for families who might be struggling with difficult relational dynamics, adapting to new changes or ideas, or managing challenging behaviors. She works closely with members of the family, to guide them through the collaborative therapeutic process. 

Psychoeducation, parent management, and stress reduction can help decrease tension and help facilitate healing within families in order to build stronger bonds with individuals in the system.

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Assessment & Evaluation Services

Clients seek evaluations for many different reasons. For example, clients may seek assessment services because they are struggling with some aspects of their cognitive skills, emotional regulation, or academic performance.  Some of the assessment services Dr. McCloy offers are:

  • Psychological Evaluations for clients looking for clarity regarding diagnostic understanding and treatment recommendations.

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations for clients with neurodevelopment disorders such as cognitive deficits, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder.

  • Psyhoeducational Evaluations for clients who are struggling in school and may require specialized services or instruction due to learning disorders or other scholastic difficulties.

**Please note that some assessment services are not covered by insurance. Contact Dr. McCloy regarding coverage and client responsibility.

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Consultation & Supervision

Dr. McCloy provides training & consultation services to companies, groups, schools, and communities aimed to help foster compassion, communication, and education.

Dr. McCloy also provides clinical supervision services for clinicians and/or emerging mental health professionals or trainees.

Please contact her for further questions.

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